Goodeng International GD3500
Goodeng International GD3500

Goodeng International GD3500’s pump switching system could increase the push&pull speed without affecting spindle torque and push&pull force, accordingly meet the demand under different working conditions.

Model Number: GD3500

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1. Open-circuit hydraulic system adopted for rig.
2. Wide steel walking track is convenient for loading and unloading without taking apart, directly in position.
3. Rack and pinion for push&pull transmission in driving head.
4. Floating spindle is in favor of protecting drill pipe thread.
5. Floating girder is easy to loading, unloading and transportation, convenient for adjusting entry angle. Journey of 11m can effectively protect clamps.
6. Detachable front and back clamps can be floated in whole process. Grips are changeable in accordance with drill pipe size.
7. Wire-controlled direction available.
8. Driving head rotation and push&pull velocity adopt proportional linear stepless regulation.
9. Configured with electro-controlled mud pressure discharge device.
10. Oil cooling system is distributed respectively.
11. Twin seat in operation cab, spacious and comfortable, can increase, rotatable and with open field of vision.
12. Front pedal is positioned by hinge
13. Rig is installed with anti-slip aisle and guardrail.
14. Digital display for engine parameters, easy for supervision.
15. Independently external mud pump station and mud mixing system, up to user’s option.
16. Drill pipe centralizer in the middle increases accuracy of drill pipe loading and unloading , highly improving work efficiency.
17. Equipped with two diesel engines, one or two engines working is realized to meet different conditions, and thus saving energy. If one of the twin engines breaks down, the other one can still be operated to run slowly , exploiting machine’s redundant capability.
18. To enhance the executing mechanism capability , hydraulic system is designed in conformity to large flow and high pressure. Our self-designed inserting control valve group reacts fast and reduces 40-50% pressure loss in hydraulic system.
19. Self-designed and developed, combined electronic and hydraulic controlling system realizes its adaptive control to different working condition and different geologic strata,improving the efficiency of construction 20-30%. System is configured with both auto-operation and man-operation. Auto-operation could timely adjust the running parameter according to the strata situation and automatically adjust the rig for protection.
20. Rational and effective cooling system ensures reliability and efficiency of system, and extends motor using life , avoiding damages.
21. We have strict methods, systems and facilities for cleaning control of hydraulic system, which ensures cleanliness, excelling NAS 8, reducing malfunction rate. (According to authoritative statistics, 70% hydraulic malfunctions derive from contaminated hydraulic oil.)
22. Self-designed pump switching system could increase the push&pull speed without affecting spindle torque and push&pull force, accordingly meet the demand under different working conditions.


  1. Diesel engine:2pcs of Cummins 265Kw/2200 rpm
  2. Hydraulic pump:4pcs of variable plunger pump with each output 190ml, from German Rexroth A11V series;
  3. One gear pump of each 32ml/r and 25ml/r from Jinan.
  4. Main motor: 14pcs of SH7V variable plunger motor with capacity 108ml from Italian Sam, used for rotation and push&pull in driving head.
  5. 14pcs of reducers from Italian Dynamics or German KPM for rotation and push&pull in driving head.
  6. 2sets of coupling originally imported from Germany.
  7. Alloyed steel rack and pinion with abrasion-resistant and impact-resistant .
  8. PLC-control circuit is simplified, more steady and more intelligent.
  9. 3T crane.


No Item Theoretical parameter Remarks
1 Driving head max. theoretical torsion N·m 108159 Work efficiency not considered(P=35Mpa)
2 Driving head max. theoretical push&pull force (KN) 3654(10 Motors)
3 Max. working pressure set in system (Mpa) 35 Allowed temperary max. working pressure 42 Mpa
4 Max. flow in hydraulic system (L/min) 1797
5 Drill pipe diameter(inch) 5 or 5-1/2 Petroleum standard drill pipe
6 Max. length of drill pipe(m) 9.6
7 Driving head max. rotation speed(rpm) 93
8 Driving head max. push&pull speed(m/min) 45
9 Main spindle floating distance(mm) 100
10 Mud pump channel diameter(inch) 3
11 Max. mud flowing volume(L/min) 2000
12 Max. mud pressure (Mpa) 12
13 Drill incidence ° August 16th
14 Max. clamping force of pipe jaw (KN) 2540
15 Max. unscrewing force of pipe jaw(N·m) 367000
16 Dimension (L×W×H)mm 18210×3400×3600 Transportation condition
17 Rig weight(T) About 52
18 Max. walking speed(m/h) 2500
19 Permitted working Temperature ℃ -30~50
20 Permitted environment humidity % >90
21 Permitted working altitude(m) Altitude 0-3000
22 Referential back-reaming aperture (mm) φ2000 Soil depended
23 Referential drilling distance (m) 2500 Soil depended

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