IDS RIS MF Hi-Mod Ground Penetrating Radar
IDS RIS MF Hi-Mod Ground Penetrating Radar


  • Deep and shallow antennas in one compact box: Two antennas in the same box, with the option of choosing 200 MHz & 600MHz or 400 MHz & 900MHz, help the operator to locate pipes and cables by providing the proper frequency for a specific search parameter. It provides a real-time display of deep and shallow antennas on the same screen.
  • Modular: Antenna boxes can be quickly added in “chain connection” while in the field (no tools required) with up to 8 in operation simultaneously. As a result, the system is able to work in any available space.
  • 3D Radar Tomography: Multi-frequency data fusion and a consolidated procedure to collect the data enable accurate 3D images of the subsurface to be achieved, helping the operator to distinguish individual anomalies and buried targets.
  • Professional utility mapping capability: The result can be exported in several formats including GIS and CAD (AutoCAD or MicroStation) for a professional survey.
  • Flexible: Powered by the IDS Multi-channel Control unit, the system can be used to drive every IDS antenna

Technical Specifications

Data Logger Panasonic CF-19 (or alternatively any Windows PC with an Ethernet LAN interface
Radar Acquisition Unit IDS DAD Fast Wave, with RIS K2 acquisition software
Max Number of Channels Up to 8
Antenna Frequencies 200 and 600 MHz
Positioning Metric wheel and/or GPS interface
Collection Speed (up to 8 profiles simultaneously) 4 m/sec in full configuration (8 channels)
Battery Life > 8 h
Weight 58 kg in full configuration
Surface Footprint 200 cm x 60 cm (full configuration)
Survey Path Width Up to 8 radar scans, 52 cm each
Wireless Connection Available
Environment IP65


Software Specifications

Processing Software GRED 3D Utilities including:

  • Automatic target detection
  • Automatic data processing
  • Automatic propagation velocity estimation
  • 2D/3D representation
  • Data fusion for different frequencies and directions
  • Irregular volume representation
  • Iso-surface Map
Output Data Excel, ASCII, HDF5, jpg, bmp


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