IDS Stream EM Ground Penetrating Radar
IDS Stream EM Ground Penetrating Radar


  • Massive array of 40 antennas in two polarizations: A massive array of 40 antennas ensures a high sampling density. This results in accurate 3D modeling of the subsurface and ease of detecting buried targets and anomalies. The use of both polarizations provides optimal detection of main and junction pipes at the same time.
  • Speed: Stream EM can be towed by a car up to 15 km/h (12mph). This boosts productivity as Stream EM can survey many miles per day, can be operated by 2 people, is able to run continuously without interrupting traffic and allows the crew to remain safe inside the vehicle.
  • Accurate to less than 5 cm (2 inches): Stream EM can be interfaced with GPS or a total station in order to accurately geo-locate the surveyed area and to individually distinguish all the pipes, cables and anomalies detected with high accuracy.
  • Professional Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) survey:Automatic transfer to CAD/GIS: Pipes, cables and buried object can be automatically transferred to CAD and GIS format with a proprietary software tool.

Technical Specifications

Data Logger Panasonic CF30 PC or similar
Radar Control Unit 3 synchronized DAD MCH FastWaves
Number of Channels 40
Antenna Frequency 200 and 600 MHz
Antenna Polarization Horizontal (HH) and Vertical (VV)
Transversal Sampling Full configuration (2 DML + DCL): 6 cm
Positioning Survey wheel, GPS or Total Station (not included)
Collection Speed Up to 15 km/h in full configuration
Power Consumption 100 Watts
Battery Life > 8.0 h
DAD – Connection to Data Logger Ethernet LAN
Surface Footprint Length: 2.02m, Width: 2.10m
Weight (full configuration) 228 kg
Survey Path Width 21.84 meterV
Environment Rain proof

Software Specifications

Processing Software GRED 3D Utilities STREAM including:

  • Automatic and manual data processing
  • Propagation velocity estimation (hyperbola fitting)
  • 2D/3D representation
  • Data fusion for different frequencies
  • Interactive 2D data inspector
  • GPS location
  • Irregular volume representation
  • B-scan and C-scan view
  • Color scale/palette
  • GPS markers view
  • Insert targets function
Output Data Automatic data transfer into CAD maps

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