About Us

About Us

Magitech International Ltd. was established in 2000 with focus in the drilling industry. Our goal is to bring in efficient new technology to improve the local drilling industry, and to become a stable partner and a local service provider between the suppliers & customers. We are dedicated to give our customers a better experience by providing advanced knowledge, technical training and backup service on all of our products.

We aim to improve our services and assistance on vertical and horizontal drilling industries, face to oilfield, geothermal, deep water well, HDD, pipe jacking, micro tunnelling, tunnelling and underground pipeline in Taiwan, Thailand and China. We wish to extend our gratitude both to our suppliers and customers for all their support.

Our Guarantees

  • We have highly trained, experienced Engineer Team in Shanghai, Bangkok,  Taiwan & Melbourne to service all customers.
  • We can speed up the transaction process
    • Arrange transportation
    • Technical discussion & provide data
  • We can reduce the risk
    • Quality Control
    • Product test
  • We are local, we can save your cost
    • Close to end users
    • Do all local leg work and assistance



  • Chinese Petroleum Corporation (CPC)
  • Taiwan Power Company
  • Taichung City Hall
  • HDD Contractors


  • Shanghai Information Pipeline
  • Shanghai State Grid
  • Shanghai Gas Company
  • Shanghai Mapping Institute
  • HDD Constructors
  • Drill Manufactory


  • ITD
  • PTT Public Co Ltd.
  • TRC
  • Macdowell
  • HDD Constructors



  • HDD Trenchless / JB Trenchless

New Zealand


Drillmec spa.

Geolink UK


Prime Horizontal



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