Vertical Drilling Equipment

Vertical Drilling Equipment

Magitech specialises in drilling equipment technical services for more than 20 years, with well equipped facilities offering onsite drill rig service at a competitive price. We offer a wide range of drilling equipment including Drillmec Oil Rig, Top Drives and Mud Pumps.

    • Mobile Rigs

      Drillmec MR Series mobile trailer and self-propelled rigs are used for conventional drilling, workover and well service applications. Drillmec covers…

    • Land Rigs

      Drillmec’s deep roots in the manufacturing of drilling rigs begin around 1929 and since then the rig designs have been…

    • Automated Hydraulic Rigs

      The HH Series drilling processes are largely automated and centrally operated from the driller’s cabin. Stuck pipe becomes less of…

    • Magitech 3MD-320 Mud Pump

      Manufacturer:Magitech LLC MODEL:3MD-320 Mud Pump

    • Magitech 3MD-350 Mud Pump

      Manufacturer:Magitech LLC MODEL:3MD-350 Mud Pump

    • Magitech 3MD-250 Mud Pump

      Manufacturer:Magitech LLC MODEL:3MD-250 Mud Pump

    • Magitech 3MD-150 Mud Pump

      Manufacturer:Magitech LLC MODEL:3MD-150 Mud Pump

    • Drillmec Mud Pumps

      DRILLMEC offers a complete range of Triplex Mud Pumps from 600 hp to 2400 hp diesel or electric AC – DC powered both 5000…

    • ETD Series

      In the oil & gas industry top drive technology is used to increase performance and safety; from Drillmec solid experience…

    • HTD Series

      Drillmec manufactures a full range of hydraulic top drives. Drillmec HTD series top drives can be fitted to almost any rig in order to increase the…

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