TVS-10 QuickView Pipeline Inspection System
TVS-10 QuickView Pipeline Inspection System


TVS-10 QuickView is designed for the fast inspection and diagnosis of industrial tanks, vessels and pipes. The lightweight unit with extendable carbon fiber pole and sprung loaded stabilizing pole allows easy one-person operation. This system is ideal for pipe diameters ranging from 100mm (4”) to 1500mm (60”). Operator’s control vest houses a system control box, 4.3” screen MP5 and a battery pack.
One-person operation
Camera focuses up to 120m (400’)
Laser distance measuring
Camera zoom 36x
Waterproof IP68
Lightweight extendable carbon fiber pole extends up to 7.5m (25’).
10m (33’) with protective stainless steel casing
Rechargeable battery
Control unit: 
One-touch control zoom, focus, lights and distance measurement.
Built in battery indicator
MP5 display and storage unit:
Screen: 4.3” wide screen
Storage: 160G hard drive
Optional accessories:
Video glasses
Laser measurement device
Control box with editing suite
Pole extensions

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