New Product

New Product
    • Automated Hydraulic Rigs

      The HH Series drilling processes are largely automated and centrally operated from the driller’s cabin. Stuck pipe becomes less of…

    • DR-2 Pipeline Mapping System

      This unique DR-2 is the world’s smallest fiber optical gyroscope (FOG) based mapping probe. The DR-2 has been designed to…

    • Goodeng International GD130B-LS

      Model Number: GD130B-LS

    • Goodeng International GD130C-LS

      Model Number: GD130C

    • Goodeng International GD1600

      Goodeng International GD1600 is designed to enhance the executing mechanism capability , hydraulic system is designed pursuant to large flow…

    • Goodeng International GD3500

      Goodeng International GD3500’s pump switching system could increase the push&pull speed without affecting spindle torque and push&pull force, accordingly meet…

    • Goodeng International GD720

      Goodeng International HDD GD720’s Maxi Drill reserves the right to change these specifications without notice and without incurring any obligation…

    • Goodeng International GD8000-LL

      Goodeng International GD8000-LL can run by single motor or two motors, which can reduce oil consumption, construction damages and even…

    • Goodeng International GD90-16C

      Goodeng International GD90-16C adopts cartridge valve with large diameter to control push & pull and rotation , reducing pressure loss,…

    • Goodeng International GS1000-LS

      Model Number: GD130C

    • Goodeng International GS1600-L

      Model Number: GS1600-L

    • OMU ABM-30

      The ABM-30, is the world’s smallest gyroscopic mapping device., It is the perfect mapping solution for small diameter data &…

    • OMU ABM-40

      The ABM-40 and DR-2 mapping systems are designed to map duct and pipe  infrastructure with an ID range of 40mm…

    • OMU ABM-80

      Initially developed for towing behind a CCTV crawler, the compact size of the ABM-80 has become the ‘go-to’ tool for…

    • OMU ABM-90

      The ABM-90 and DR-4 mapping systems are the most versatile probes in the range. Fitted with exchangeable centralizers ducts and…

    • OMU DR-4.2

      The DR-4.2 has proven to be the most versatile and unique multi-purpose pipeline mapping system. With a proven track record…

    • TVS-15 CCTV Pipeline Inspection System

      TVS-1500 CCTV inspection system is designed to inspect inner pipeline condition. The control unit controls the crawler’s movement when it…

    • Goodeng International GD200-LS

      Model Number: GD200

    • Goodeng International GD320C-LS

      Model Number: GD320C

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