ETD Series

In the oil & gas industry top drive technology is used to increase performance and safety; from Drillmec solid experience in manufacturing hydraulic pipe handling and top drives, we introduce the ETD Series.


The Drillmec Electric Top Drive is designed as transportable as well as permanent installed unit for deep drilling rigs with different mast types. The System is powered by an AC motor. The ETD Series is controlled by a separate control panel. The standard Top Drive version includes the following items:

  • Hanger assembly with integrated Counterbalance cylinders
  • Standard washpipe
  • Link-tilt-system with position monitoring designed for high impacts
  • Remote-controlled and manual IBOP
  • Backup Clamp to make up and break the Top Drive drill pipe connection
  • Guide rail system inducing the torque within the mast
  • Electrical service loop
  • Suitable for installation on any kind of mast and derrick

Top drives technology has gradually become almost the norm and standard in most drilling operations in the oil and gas industry today. The reason for this choice is not far-fetched, increased safety and performance is the major drive for the use of top drives. At Drillmec, we have over thirty years of experience in designing and producing top drives.
We offer mainly two classes of top drive which are the Hydraulic Series (HTD) and the Electric Series (ETD). We design portable top drives with permanent installation for both offshore and onshore drilling processes.
Our top drives are specially designed for easy integration with various mast designs and support both directional and horizontal drilling processes while delivering high performance and safety. Our standard top drives feature all the key elements of top drives such as standard washpipe, hanger assembly, link-tilt-system, remote-controlled and manual IBOP, and many others.

Electric Top Drives Series (ETD Series)

We design electric top drive that is transportable, permanently mounted on different mast configurations for deep drilling rigs. Some of the features include:

• AC motor powers the system
• Separate control panel controls system
• Maximum speed range of between 200 rpm to 219 rpm
• Power rating range of between 450 kW (600 hp) to 850 kW (1150 hp)
• Maximum drilling torque range of between 43,200 Nm (31,662 lb/sqft) to 80,000 NM (59,000 lb/sqft)
•Maximum pull up static load of between 245 mt (550,000 lbs) to 680 mt (1,500,000 lbs)



ELECTRIC TOP DRIVES Max Pull Up Static Max Drilling Torque Max Make Up Torque Max Break Out Torque Power Rating Max Speed
mt Nm Nm Nm kW rpm
ETD 250 245 43200 48000 60000 450 200
ETD 375 340 72000 85000 108460 850 184
ETD 500 498 70000 85000 106630 850 219
ETD 750 680 80000 105000 130000 850 219


ELECTRIC TOP DRIVES Max Pull Up Static Max Drilling Torque Max Make Up Torque Max Break Out Torque Power Rating Max Speed
lbs lbs*ft lbs*ft lbs*ft hp rpm
ETD 250 550,000 31,662 35,400 44,250 600 200
ETD 375 750,000 53,100 62,692 80,000 1150 184
ETD 500 1,000,000 51,600 62,692 78,646 1150 219
ETD 750 1,500,000 59,000 77,444 95,883 1150 219







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