Goodeng International GS1600-L
Goodeng International GS1600-L

Model Number: GS1600-L

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1. Weichai turbocharged engine has strong power and stable perfonnance, and its fuel consumption is more
than 20% lower than other engines;;
2. Equipped with imported electric proportional motor, simple gear transmission structure, reliable
performance, push-pull stepless speed change, push-pull force up to l,700kN, industry-leading work
3. Adopting internationally renowned brand two-speed motor, the traveling speed is up to 6km/h, no loading
is required for short-distance transitions;
4. The center of the clamp is low, which not only protects the drill pipe efficiently, but also takes up less space
for construction; the front and rear clamp can be separated, and the corresponding clamping block can be
replaced according to the specifications of the drill pipe;;
5. The main shaft is floating, which is beneficial to protect the drill rod thread;
6. Large range of angle change (10° 〜22°), low center of gravity of drilling rig, good stability;
7. Proportional wire-controlled walking system to ensure the safety of equipment and personnel, and it is
convenient and quick for drilling rigs to walk, transfer and load and unload;;
8. three free angles high-end rotary manipulator
9. Goodeng's patented rotary manipulator, which realizes automatic loading and unloading of rods, safe and
convenient, and greatly reduces operating costs; the rotatable cab has a good view and equipped with heating
and cooling air conditioner, which effectively improves the working environment of the main operator;
10. lt can monitor and adjust equipment status in real time, making the operation easier and more
11. The system is equipped with two operation modes, automatic and manual. Under automatic operation, the
operating parameters of the drilling rig can be adjusted in time according to the geolo直cal conditions, so as
to achieve the purpose of protecting the drilling rig.
Engine Power


Rig Weight


Max. Push&Pull Force


Dimension(L×W×H mm)


Max. Push&Pull Speed

47 m/min

Max. Rotation Speed

101 r/min

Max torque

70000 Nm

Max Mud Pump Flow

800 L/min

Mud Pump Max Pressure

10 MPa

Entry Drill Angle

10° -22°

Max. Climbing Gradient


Max Aperture Diameter

Ф1600mm (Soil Depended)

Max. Drilling Length

1500m (Soil Depended)

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