Goodeng International GD360-LS
Goodeng International GD360-LS

Model Number: GD360-LS


1. The machine is equipped with Cummins engine with high efficiency, large power, low fuel consumption, low noise, and strong ability in construction.

2. It is equipped with hydraulic gear pump used military technology. Push & pull and rotation hydraulic system adopt advanced series of parallel control technology and the international first-class hydraulic components with high efficiency, low consumption and high stability.

3. The machine is equipped with rotation and push & pull pilot control, and the operation is more portable.

4. The power head rotation is driven by the American high-torque Eaton motor, which is stable in performance and achieves infinitely variable speed. Push & pull adopts American Eaton motor and three gears speed regulation.

5. Driving head reserves reinforced power – push & pull force, which expands the scope of drilling construction, and makes it convenient for emergency project.

6. It is equipped with first-class walking hydraulic driving device. Steel track walking is driven by wire-control, which is convenient for loading & unloading and transferring.

7. Operation table adopts man-machine construction manner, which is comfortable for operation, and can greatly reduce workers fatigue level. The rotating cab is optional, with AC, broad vision, and comfortable seat.

8. Equipped with φ73×3000 mm or φ76×3000mm or φ83×3000mm drill rod, the machine contains medium field area, meeting the requirement for high efficiency construction in small place.

9. Electric design is reasonable with low failure rate, which is easy to maintain.

10. The rig shape is beautiful, and easy to repair, which fully shows “people-oriented” design vision.

11. The design of the rig is advanced, and the working efficiency has been improved by 30%. It is far ahead of other manufactures in trenchless industry.

12. Humanization design: The mechanical arm can greatly improve working efficiency and reduce working intensity. And the clients can choose cab (with air-condition), auto rod-loading box, auto anchor, auto thread oil machine etc.

13. New designed dashboard, optional DCI Aurora colorful display screen, can record the relative drilling machine’s parameter.

Rig weight




Max thrust & pullback force


Max thrust & pullback speed


Max torque


Max rotation speed


Engine power


Max Mud Pump Flow


Caterpillar crawling speed


Mud Pump Max Pressure


Entry drill angle


Max climbing gradient


Max back-reaming diameter

Φ1200mm (soil depended)

Max crossing length

450m (soil depended)

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