The ABM-40 and DR-2 mapping systems are designed to map duct and pipe  infrastructure with an ID range of 40mm to 75mm (1.5” to 3”). Ducts and pipes in this ID range are typically designated for telecom/data and power cables, pressure sewers and house connections.

The ABM-40 is a MEMS based mapping tool specifically developed for
generating accurate As-Built maps of duct segments up to 300m length. The
standard ABM-40 has an outside diameter of just 36mm and is suitable for a
pipe ID of 40mm (1.5”). Optionally, a spacer set is available to scale the unit
incrementally up to pipes and ducts with an ID of maximum 75mm (3.0”).
The ABM-40 is robust and easy to operate. Typically, an As-Built profile of a
pipe segment can be generated in 30 minutes. Data processing requires mere
minutes and output can be instantly viewed in most common GIS platforms.

Technical Specifications

Probe Length : 510mm / 20″
Outer diameter : 36mm / 1.4″
Probe weight (excl. spacers) : 1kg / 2lb
Measurement inclination range : +45° to -45°
Pipe ID operating range : 40mm to 75mm
Maximum Pulling Force : 75kg / 150Lb
Maximum travelling speed : 1m/sec
Data logging rate : 100 Hz
Battery type / autonomy : Lithium Ion / 4 hours

Key Operating Features

  • Unaffected by magnetic influences
  • Water resistant up to 5 bar / 75 psi
  • Data output compatible with most software programs

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