DigiTrak® CableLink® Connection System
DigiTrak® CableLink® Connection System

The DigiTrak® CableLink® Connection System is designed for HDD contractors who use DCI Eclipse® wireline systems and want to shave significant time from their pilot bores.

Now wireline connections can be made by simply screwing together the drill pipe sections.


The CableLink® system is permanently installed into the drill rods, so the mechanical and electrical connections occur automatically when the rods are threaded together. This eliminates the need for splicing equipment and trip-outs to find a faulty connection.

  • Automatically makes electrical and mechanical connections
  • Increases productivity on pilot bores
  • Eliminates splicing tools and materials
  • Is permanently installed into drill pipe
  • Makes tool tripping no longer an issue
Part # System MSRP *
FS1 – 3.5-15 Firestick® 1 $135 per rod
FS1 – 3.5-20 Firestick® 1 $185 per rod
FS2 – 2.88-15 Firestick® 2 $185 per rod
FS2 – 3.5-20 Firestick® 2 $185 per rod


NOTE: Receivers and Displays are licensed for use in the USA/Canada, United Kingdom, China, Switzerland, Netherlands, and Australia. Specify Country (e.g. US, UK, CH, SW, AU, NL) when ordering any of the Remote Systems, Remote Parts, or Remote Upgrades.

All prices are $US, FOB Kent, WA, USA.
Prices on systems, components & accessories are subject to change without notice and subject to availability.

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