DCI DigiTrak F2
DCI DigiTrak F2


(1)Operates at depths up to 85 feet (25.9 meters) with 0.1% sensitive pitch without a wire.
(2)Includes advanced features of off-track locating and Target Steering to easily and accurately navigate the drill even when obstacles prevent tracking over the drill head.
(3)Roll offset is available when the 12 o’clock position of the drill head cannot be indexed to the transmitter.
(4)A 4-channel radio enables multiple F2 locators to be in the same vicinity and work up to distances of 1,800 feet (550m) plus,making it suitable for maxi rigs.


(1)Model Number:F2R
(2)Frequency:12 kHz
(3)Power Source:DigiTrak Lithium-ion battery pack
(4)Battery Life : 10 – 14 hrs (approx.)
(5)Battery Charger :12 V DC or 110/240 V AC
(6)Graphic Display:LCD
(7)Telemetry Range:1800 ft plus* (550 m)
(8)Accuracy : + or – 5% absolute

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