The DR-4.2 has proven to be the most versatile and unique multi-purpose pipeline mapping system. With a proven track record on every continent and in most pipeline segments, this multi-diameter system has easy handling features and provides the most accurate positional data location.

A unique system of exchangeable centralizing wheel sets gives the DR-4.2 an operational range of ID90mm (3.5″) to ID1500 (60″). Whether the pipeline is made of steel, concrete, PE or PVC, this mapping system will improve any HDD implementation procedure.
A selection of invert wheel sets are available to map pipes with tight access and/or lateral feeder lines.
DR-4.2 Centralizing wheel sets
Measurement accuracy is directly related to the degree that the OMU is aligned with the direction of the pipe it is measuring. The standard centralizing wheel sets are especially designed to ensure an optimal alignment in the pipe. The standard sets cover a pipe ID range from 90mm up to 1475mm.
DR-4.2 Invert wheel sets
For sectors like waste/flood water infrastructure and relining projects, Reduct offers a range of invert wheel units that enables the user to run the DR-4.2 probe along the invert of a pipe. Due to its position and large wheel sizes, the invert wheel set can pass lateral connections and pipe deformations with ease. The minimum pipe ID required is 15

Technical Specifications

Probe Length : 504mm / 20.0″
Outer diameter : 42mm / 1.7″
Probe weight (excl. spacers) : 3 kg / 6lb
Measurement inclination range : +45° to -45°
Pipe ID operating range : 80mm and up
Maximum Pulling Force : 80mm and up
Maximum Travelling Speed : 3m/sec
Data logging rate : 100 Hz
Battery type / autonomy : NiMH / 2.5 hours
Operating temperature range : -10°C/15°F to 50°C/120°F


Key Operating Features

  • Large diameter range
  • Unaffected by magnetic influences
  • No lengthy calibration or roll test required prior to use
  • Adaptable fittings for bespoke survey situations
  • Water resistant up to 5 bar / 75 psi
  • Data output compatible with most software programs


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