Goodeng International GS450G-LS
Goodeng International GS450G-LS

Model Number: GS450G-LS

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1.German Linde hydraulic control closed system is adopted in rotation system,which is simple,stable
and reliable.Thrust pullback by Germany Linde Hytek automatic variable system,load sensitive
control.The variable pump system of thrust pullback and rotation can increase the working
efficiency by 15-20%compared with the traditional hydraulic system,reduce the calorific value by
50%,and save energy by 15-20%.
2.The thrust pullback and rotating joystick adopts hydraulic control mode,which reduces the failure
caused by the aging of eletrical components and makes the system is more stable and responsive.
3.The machine is eqipped with Cummins engine,with high efficeency,strong power,and low fuel
4.Carriage reserves reinforcement,which increases the max.thrust pullback force increase to 960kN,
which ensures the safety of the construction in the construction of big diameter
5.The four-link amplitude modulation beam structure is adopted to greatly improve the range of
incident angle,and to ensure that the track of drilling rig does not leave the ground when the angle is
large,and to improve the safety performance.
6.Wire control walking system to ensure the safety of walking process.
7.Applicable for 89×3000 mm drill pipe,the machine is compacted design and is easy for jobsite
8.Key parts of machine are purchased from gloable leading suppliers,which greatly improved
reliability of products peformance.
9.The circuit adopts wire harness design,which the failure rate is low and easy to maintain.
10.Rack pinion transmission mechanism is adopted for thrust pullback systerm,which is good for
high effiency,stable working and maintenmance is also conveninent.
11.The track adopts steel track and rubber gasket,which can not only bear high load,but also meet the
requirements of walking on various roads
12.Equipped with rototary manipulator to achieve automatic upper and lower drill rods safte and
13.Optional rotating cab which has wide field of vision and greatly improve the work environment for
the operator.

Rig weight


Dimension(L×W×H mm)


Max.thrust&pullback force


Max.thrust& pullback speed


Max torque


Max Rotation speed


Engine power


Max mud pump flow


Caterpillar Walking Speed


Mud Pump Max Pressure


Entry drill angle


Max climbing gradient


Max back-reaming diameter

Φ1300mm (soil depended)

Max.crossing length

700m (Soil Depended)

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