Goodeng International GS150-LS
Goodeng International GS150-LS

Model Number: GS150-LS

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  1. The machine is equipped with Cummins engine, with high efficiency, large power and low fuel consumption.
  2. The thrust & pullback and rotation of the power head adopt American Eaton orbit motor, and the construction speed is far ahead in the same industry.
  3. The push-pull and rotation adopt hydraulic control handle, which is simple and fast to operate
  4. Humanized design of console: the seat can move back and forth, which improves the comfort of operators
  5. The outer cover and console are designed in iron streamline shape, with beautiful and generous appearance. The cover is equipped with hinged door, which can be opened, and the operation is flexible, which is convenient for daily maintenance and maintenance;
  6. The drilling rig is small in shape and light in weight. It is suitable for urban construction, transportation and transfer. It is flexible and convenient.
  7. It can be equipped with φ60×2000mm drill rod according to construction situation;
  8. Main hydraulic components are from the international first-class hydraulic component manufacturer, which greatly improve the reliability of the product performance and safety.
  9. Rack and pinion system is adopted for thrust &pullback, which is good for high efficiency, long life, stable working and convenient maintenance.
Rig Weight


Dimension (L×W×H)

4200×1700×2140 mm

Max thrust & pullback force


Max thrust & pullback speed


Max torque


Max rotation speed


Engine power


Max. Mud flow


Walking Spee


Max. Mud Pressure


Entry drill angle


Max climbing gradient


Drill Rod Size

Ф60×2000 mm

Drill Rod Box capacity

56 pcs(4×14)

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