ParaTrack-2 HDD Guidance System
ParaTrack-2 HDD Guidance System
Manufacturer:Prime Horizontal
MODEL:Paratrack II

ParaTrack-2 is a magnetic tracking system employing state of the art electronics with advanced magnetic tracking capabilities. Pioneered by Prime Horizontal for HDD applications, ParaTrack-2 uses selectable magnetic sources to fit the requirements of the most exacting HDD project.
Guidewire Projects
For many crossing projects, a guidewire is deployed all the way from entry to exit along the centerline, when feasible, to enable contractors to track the bore accurately along 100% of its length. This continuous, accurate tracking removes the high probability of pull-backs, sidetracks and corrections over long water crossings often occurring with more conventional technology.
Magnetic Sources Without Guidewires
Non-wire based magnetic sources allow faster set up for conventional crossings, are used to assist in developing line azimuth and are used to benchmark long crossings offshore. The Rotating Magnet source is used in intersect drilling.
AC Magnetic Field Measurement
ParaTrack-2 is the only HDD tracking system on the market designed for guidance from AC magnetic field sources. The use of AC magnetic field measurement yields large dividends in tracking accuracy at deeper depths and in extremely noisy magnetic environments
Pressure Measurement While Drilling (PWD)
In addition to magnetic guidance, ParaTrack-2 optionally includes a Pressure while Drilling (PWD) module to measure the pilot hole annulus and the internal pipe pressure at the steering tool. By monitoring the pilot hole annulus pressure, the driller can significantly limit environmental damage caused by formation fractures.

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