Using Inertial Navigation Technology to obtain Critical Pipeline Data
Using Inertial Navigation Technology to obtain Critical Pipeline Data

Learn how Reduct NV’s High frequency data provides a new level of accuracy that can be used for:

Stress analysis
Pressurized pipes typically must adhere to minimum bend radius specifications. Thanks to the high frequency sampling rate, the standard bend radius calculation feature in the Reduct gyroscopic mapping solutions instantly yields highly accurate bend radius information.

Flow management in gravity sewer systems
As the name suggest, gravity is used in most sewers and deformations resulting in localized sagging could lead to clogging of the pipe over time. That is why an inclination assessment of a newly installed sewer systems before contractor handover or at periodic intervals of existing sewer systems is essential for optimal network management.

Maintenance planning
As policy demands, all utilities have to be maintained and inspected periodically. However, the level of maintenance required may vary depending on the condition of the pipe or the soil surrounding it.
Sometimes a pipe can be traversing several types of soil or is situated in an earthquake prone area. Through periodic mapping, changes in pipeline subsidence can be detected at an early stage and maintenance dollars can be redirected to those areas where pipe movement is most severe.

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