The ParaTrack Gyro Module (PGM)
The ParaTrack Gyro Module (PGM)


ParaTrack推出产品:ParaTrack陀螺导向仪(PGM)。HDD团队予施工时邻近之公用事业管线或其他运输活动产生的电磁干扰等坚难环境,皆能安心地进行施工。 ParaTrack陀螺导向仪(PGM)配合 ParaTrack-II(P2)信号与坐标追踪同步验证,大幅度提升计划性的出口绝对位置。
The ParaTrack Gyro Module (PGM) is the latest in a long line of innovations for the HDD market. With no concern of magnetic interference from nearby active utility lines, shorepiles, ship trac or other transportation activity, drilling may be carried out confidently, regardless of surrounding conditions. The PGM runs in conjunction with the ParaTrack Steering Tool, providing the ability to tie in with the entire ParaTrack System of tools and software.
The PGM is especially eective for initial surface entry, while absolute position may then be verified via the ParaTrack-2 Guide Wire or Beacon Tracker, providing confidence that the bore is placed properly relative to the planned exit location prior to punch out.

Outside Diameter

2.75” (requires 3.5” ID collar)


Head to foot – 48” (122 cm)

Internal Operating Temperature

0-70° C

Electrical Connection

1-3/16” 12tpi female (standard wet connect)

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