DCI DigiTrak F5
DCI DigiTrak F5


The DigiTrak F5 Directional Drilling Locating System represents the most advanced in DCI’s new F Series line of locating systems. Evolving from 5 years of development efforts and 20 years of HDD locating experience, the F5 incorporates and improves upon DCI’s Eclipse locating technology, which has become the industry standard.
The F5 system also incorporates DCI’s patented 3D antenna technology, target-in-the-box locating, and intuitive picture-driven menus, with new colorful and easy-to-use graphics. A four-way toggle switch below the display makes operation simple.
The increased versatility of the F5 system includes five unique frequency options, providing the capability to overcome most interference problems and to locate to depths of 85 ft (25.9 m). Two dual-frequency transmitters are available that allow you to switch from one frequency to another while the transmitter is in the ground-a valuable time-saving feature. The F5 system can also use the F Series transmitters made for the F2 system and the 12-kHz DucTrak transmitters.
The F5 system also can be used for data logging with the DigiTrak LWD (Log-While-Drilling) System. Built-in Bluetooth technology transfers the data from the F5 receiver to a PC, where a variety of options are available for analyzing, displaying, printing, and storing data. While drilling, the F5 system allows you to view (scroll through) all data logged by the F5 receiver, not just the real-time data.
The F5 system is compatible with DCI’s TensiTrak pullback and pressure monitoring system. The F5 system also allows you to see fluid pressure in real time when drilling pilot bores.
Five frequency options for maximum interference reduction
(1)Dual-frequency transmitters allow in-ground frequency change
(2)DataLog LWD (Log-While-Drilling) option with Bluetooth technology
(3)Pilot hole fluid pressure monitoring capability
(4)Compatible with SST steering tool and TensiTrak monitoring system

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