OMU DR-3.3

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The DR-3.3 is the latest member of the Ductrunner™ family. The DR-3.3 is suitable for pipe ID range 65mm to 115mm (2.6″ to 4.5″). The DR-3.3 has proven to be the tool of choice for mapping electricity cable conduits which combine a mid-range diameter with fairly sharp bends.
The compact design and choice of materials has kept the weight of the probe down to just 1.5kg/3lb, making handling and operations very efficient and simple.
As with all Ductrunner™ probes, the DR-3.3 is not susceptible to electromagnetic interference from nearby power lines.

Technical Specifications

Probe Length : 552mm / 21.75″
Outer diameter : 42/56mm / 1.7/2.25″
Probe weight (excl. spacers) : 1.5kg / 3lb
Measurement inclination range : +45° to -45°
Pipe ID operating range : 65mm to 115mm
Maximum Pulling Force : 120kg/240Lb
Maximum Travelling Speed : 2m/sec
Data logging rate : 100 Hz
Battery type / autonomy : Lithium Ion / 2 hours
Operating temperature range : -10°C/15°F to 50°C/120°F

Key Operating Features

  • Minimum bend radius in:
    • Pipe ID75mm/3″) : 2.25m / 7.5ft
    • Pipe ID90mm/3.5″) : 1.55m / 5.1ft
    • Pipe ID115mm/4.5″) : 1.00m / 3.3ft
  • Unaffected by magnetic influences
  • Water resistant up to 5 bar / 75 psi
  • Data output compatible with most software programs

Output Data Summary

Unit : Metric or US Standard
Data frequency : User defined (minimum 1 cm)
Positional data : X(Easting),Y(Northing), Z(Depth), (3D) . Depth profile (2D)
Orientation data : Azimuth , Inclination
Pipe feature data : 2D and 3D Bend Radius information
Output formats
  • AutoCAD script
  • Comma Separated Values (MS Excel, Total Station, etc.)
  • Bitmap diagnostics and orientation graphs
  • XML


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