OMU Pipeline mapping system
OMU Pipeline mapping system

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Mapping Process
Reduct’s Pipeline Mapping Systems not only produce accurate XYZ information of your utility pipe, but the operational features have been designed to eliminate most human interference to reduce the risk of data conversion errors. In a typical situation, the entire process of starting the measurement to viewing the output data in your GIS platform is less than one hour.

Technical Specifications

XYZ is now as easy as ABC! 
Articulated Micro Range Series Pipe type ID(mm)
DR2.0/50 HDPE DN50 SDR11 40.8mm
DR2.5/63 HDPE DN63 SDR11 50.0mm
DR3.0/75 HDPE DN73 SDR11 61.4mm
DR3.5/90 HDPE DN90 SDR11 80-90mm
Hdd Variable Diameter Range    
DR-Hdd-4.2 OMU+Accessories
DR-Hdd-4.2S OMU+Accessories
DR4.2 Centralisers( required)    
WUS-0320+Flight Case any 90-500mm
WUS-2054+Flight Case any 500-1350mm
WUS-0308 any 90-200mm
WUS-0820 any 200-500mm
WUS-2036 any 500-900mm
WUS-3654 any 900-1350mm
HdyroRunner Series    
D6/150 Steel/HDPE 150mm
D8/200 Steel/HDPE 200mm
Special Units    
D4.0 Steel/HDPE 100mm
D12/150 Steel/HDPE 300mm
Electrical High Speed Winches    
400s(110v or 220v)
560s(110v or 220v)
X-bend-Bend Radius Calculation Software
Battery Pack(3 batteries+2chargers)(not for DR3.5/90)
Battery Charger
Control Unit

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